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Parque Nacional Toluca


We created Conecta México DMC in 2022 to celebrate ten years of experience in the meetings and tourism industry. Our mission is to integrate specialized services for the meeting industry and business tourism in the Mexican territory, creating unique experiences with the best care and quality for attendees. We want our clients to live one-of-a-kind, sustainable, safe, innovative, and high-quality experiences and to become a leading company in the field.

Our team



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She was secretary of tourism for the State of Mexico (2012-2017) and president of ASETUR (2013-2016).

She achieved the opening of the Toluca Convention and Exhibition Center, as well as the Night Experience in Teotihuacán and The Cosmovitral.

She increased the number of the state's Magical Towns Programme beneficiaries from 4 to 9 and promoted the Pueblos con Encanto program.

She is a consultor in tourism, culture, and the meeting industry for the public and private sectors, nationally and internationally. In addition, she is vice president of administration and finance for MPI Mexico.


Director of Special Projects

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She was director of meetings attraction for the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Mexico (2015-2017), where she assisted the management and operation of the Toluca Convention and Exhibition Center.

She was responsible for attracting congresses, conventions, festivals, and events to the entity, guiding the application and candidacy process.

From 2018 to 2021, she was the administrator of the SIAC system and VIP customer service of the FBO Transportes Aéreos Pegaso.

She is an expert in team management, event coordination, customer service, and bonding. 


Director of operations

With extensive experience in state and municipal public administration, he has worked in material resources, promotion and social integration, state vehicle registration, administrative technical support, and regional development.

He served as advisor to the secretaries of administration and tourism of the State of Mexico, as well as a coordinator of regional policy in various regions of the state.

Jose Carlos 

Deputy Director of Operations

He was general director of the Municipal System of Atlacomulco (1993-2000).

He has experience in state public administration in health, fundraising, disability care, processes, and benefits branches.

In the state Tourism Secretariat, he was the private secretary to the head, head of the Information, Planning and Statistics Unit, director of tourism promotion and marketing, and general director of tourism (2015-2017).

In the private sphere, he was CEO of TURITEL, a tourism consulting company (2018-2021).

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